Monday, July 4, 2011

We found a couple stray dogs out on the streets and decided to take them in. They are a little fiesty but lovable. We've decided to keep them.

I just can't help myself. These boys are dang cute!!!!
"Hey, I'm gonna eat all of this sooooo, if you want some, tough luck bucko!!"
Hey who turned the color wheel up a notch on Keats.... Myles- olive skin, brown eyes, brown hair. Keats- auburn red, blue eyes, fair as fair can be. Yet, do you see the resemblance? At least in this picture you kind of can.
These pictures put a whole new meaning to breaking bread together. Our boys have yet to see a loaf of cut bread! They love the tajik flat bread....
Here is one of our favorite spots to come by a river and let the kids get all crazy with the mud.
Here is another lovely family picture at our gettaway in Dushanbe.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jenny Hosting our Neighbors

Jenny hosting the neighbors!

Quick story. We have ants everywhere in our big deal, right? They can't harm anyone, so Myles enjoys chasing them around and picking them up from time to time, plus it keeps him occupied during those "I need some quiet" moments. Well, one morning as I was up early with Myles, he came into the kitchen holding this HUGE beetle saying, "Look at this ant Daddy!" "Throw it down, I blurted." But he kept holding it despite my words happy as a camper. Finally, I ran over and shook it out of his hand, which I think scared him (way to go, Dad), and started to cry. Had to get a picture for Jenny of the "ant" that Myles caught for when she woke up. Pretty gnarly critter isn't it!

Been WAY too long since you've seen updates pics of the here you go. More to come later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Outings in the City

Operation Update (Myles)

Myles language is exploding right now, especially after spending almost 5 months with his cousins in the States. Lightening McQueen from the movie Cars has captured his heart, and almost on a daily basis he is asking, “can we watch it again?” It was a must to bring back as much “cars stuff” as possible, which means he is wearing PJ’s with McQueen, sleeping with a McQueen blanket, drinking from McQueen cups, and of course wearing McQueen underwear! Which brings us to more great news that he is potty trained (and all the parents said AMEN). He is doing great being back so far and is excited to share with everyone that he is Myles Ready and also Suhrob (his Tajik name). Daddy is especially thankful that Myles’ favorite song is from the Rudy soundtrack, and they are often seen together dancing to their hearts delight. Drawing fish, dragons, and (of course) McQueen keep him entertained as well, along with the important job of being a big brother to baby Keaton.

Keats Kingdom

Baby Keaton is not such a “baby.” He is approaching 5 months, but is already mostly wearing 9 or 12 month clothes. Suffice it to say that he’s a big one. In fact, baths take extra long as we are required to peel back roll after roll of skin. He is still giving mom a run for her money at night, but she is determined to win the battle. So far he is showing signs of being quite extroverted as he always wants to be with people. He has a great smile and obviously is always curious about what big bro is up to. We keep telling Myles that he better be nice to Keaton because it won’t be long before Keats is twice his size.

Pics of the boys

These pics give you a snapshot of recent life happenings.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here are some more random pictures from the summer and being home with family and friends. Make sure to look at the post below this with pictures of Myles 2nd birthday and baby Keaton. Enjoy!

Since our last post from summertime we are now well into October and are in the good 'ol U.S. of A. Baby brother Keaton Prosch (Keats) decided to make his grand entrance into this world 3 days after Myles' 2nd Birthday... so we've got a 10-09-08 boy and a 10-12-10 boy. October is the month to beat for us! Talk about easy birthdays to remember. God knew I needed a little help! It has been a steep learning curve doing life with two now but definitely full of joy, laughter, teamwork and a few hormonal tears every now and then. Those little hormones are powerful things! Myles is doing really well adapting to another one getting mommy and daddy's attention. He's more of a smotherer than a hitter. Baby Keaton's head has been graced with many of Myles' kisses and though Myles doesn't do so great at supporting his head while holding him, he is already a pro and letting me know when Keaton is covered in his own throw-up. He is such a good big brother.

We have been savoring our time with family and friends. We stayed with my mom for the first couple months and are now at the Ready family's abode for the last couple months. Myles and Troy are frequenting a nearby indoor pool alot while mommy and Keats try to catch up on some zzzz's and Myles' car collection is exponentially growing as his new found love is the movie Cars and anything with wheels. He is too cute and Troy and I are overwhelmed with our love for TWO boys. I've gotta start practicing and working on my wrestling moves so I don't get dominated by the 3 men in my life.

Here are some pictures of Myles' 2 year birthday party and Keaton's arrival. Hope you enjoy them and I'll do my darndest to post more frequently as the pictures are plentiful right now with Myles' antics flourishing and Keaton being so darn cute. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and thanks for keeping up on the happenings of the Ready family as it grows!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey followers!! We haven't been very diligent in posting new pictures and I figured today is the day I will force myself to sit down and DO IT!!!! We will be returning stateside for 4 months the beginning of August and will see many of you... which we are extremely excited about. Despite coming home, I still want to put up some new pictures so you can see how big Myles is getting and some more photos of life here. Roh-ee saw-fed... which means "white road" in Tajik. Hope you are all doing outstanding and enjoying the summer. We are staying close to either the AC unit or an ice cold river. When either of those aren't available.... we're soaked in sweat in this 120 degree weather. Good times!!!! Not to mention, GOOD TIMES when I'm 7 months pregnant. See some of you soon!!
The Ready's

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FINALLY!!! Sorry for the delay. Here are some pictures from Myles' close friend and teammate, Hannah, who had a 3rd birthday. They thoroughly enjoyed the kiddo rides at a local park here. We were surprised to see the rusty toys worked. Hannah and Myles could have thought they were at Disney Land for all they knew. They were having a blast! The temperature is starting to heat up here so we're breaking out the sunscreen, sandals and hats. We're still grateful for the cool nights but the fan and air conditioner are ready and on call. Enjoy the new photos. We love, miss and are thankful for you all....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Glorious New Year!

Thanks to many of you, we were able to give gifts to our neighbors. Here's a quick snapshot of the festivities.

Some further pics with our friends here along with Myles showing off that he is now able to feed himself! In fact, he won't let us give him anything from our hand (unless it's a cookie, of course).

Myles REALLY gets into his toys...I mean LITERALLY as he is often found w/in the box itself.

Tis the Season

I'll try to let the pictures speak for themselves...and when I get really motivated (or have time is more like it), I'll write. Until then...for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Costume Party Anyone?

Here are some snapshots of our Fall Exravaganza! We had loads of food, candy, costumes, games and prizes. We did this for the kids but the adults had just as much fun, if not more! Myles was the champion at Limbo, he got the lowest, Troy lost miserably in a game where he ate chocolate pudding from a diaper while blindfolded and I won at the relay game. We went as fuzeball players (as you can see). We had one family as Lord of the Rings cast, another as Romans, hippies, babies, trees, Tinkerbell....and on! It was a great to have Frodo and Gandolf the Grey at our party! The kids from the English Class Troy is teaching learned all about the holiday and dressed up as well. They carved squash, ate candy and bobbed for apples. Next up is Thanksgiving so be looking for more pictures!